SOXPro Five Toe

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Size: S
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The characteristic feature of the SOXPro Five Toe grip sock is represented by the freedom of movement of the five fingers that allow a firmer grip on the ground.

The fit adapts perfectly to the shape of the foot and to each of its toes to promote support and thrust in changes of direction. Thanks to the protection of each individual toe, chafing and blisters are limited.

The perfect mix of containment bands and breathable elastic bands, combined with the presence of Grip:IN technology, will help the athlete in correct posture and in reducing physical stress.

The technique used for grip socks allows a marked improvement in stability and control, drastically reducing the micro-movements that occur when practicing any sport. The characteristic thin arrows cover the heel giving greater speed, accuracy and injury prevention.


  • Grip socks, the silicone arrows do not allow any slipping inside the shoe;
  • Five Toes, all toes move independently to allow a firmer grip on the ground;
  • Comfort, adapts to the shape of the foot and each of its toes to facilitate support;
  • Breathable, the fabric guarantees maximum comfort and ventilation;
  • Stability, extraordinary feeling of balance during the entire duration of sports performance;
  • Protection, thanks to the protection of each toe, chafing and blisters are limited.


  1. Maximum Stability
  2. Lowering the Fatigue Threshold
  3. Increased Performance in Agility and Speed
  4. Maximum comfort and ventilation
  5. Distortion reduction
  6. Pain reduction
  7. Reduction of micro-movements
  8. Superior Reaction Time & Agility
  9. Increased speed and explosiveness
  10. Improved Strength, Power and Accuracy
  11. Prevention of blisters