Recover, Energize and Relieve  

SOXPro Recovery Graduated Compression Socks 

with New Medical Technology


  • Dryarn® is an innovative high-performance fiber: light, insulating, resistant and breathable, composed of polypropylene microfibers. The use of Dryarn® in underwear fabrics, sportswear and technical applications guarantees high levels of performance. 
  • SOXPro Recovery are seamless.
  • X-Stability Sytem on the Achilles Tendon’s zone provides greater stability of the ankle and heel protection. It reduces vibrations and prevents micro-traumas.
  • The high compression varies between ankle and calf. It works like a skin massage. Acting deeply on the muscles it enhances blood circulation and improve tissue oxygenation. Compression is measured in millimetres of mercury’ (mmHg). It is higher on the ankle’s area (20 mmHG) and it lowers on the calf (12 mmHG) to offer the right blood flow to the parts.
  • On the mid-foot area there is an anatomic protective insole with ventilating bands offering compression and breathability

More and more professionals are using this technology to recover faster from training and competitions, reducing muscle damage and limiting post training swelling.

SOXPro recovery socks provide higher compression to help the muscle recovery and enhancing blood circulation for faster muscle recovery.

SOXPro Recovery avoid the accumulation of lactic acid on the calf’s muscles slowering the muscular strain and drastically reducing the recovery time.

These Recovery socks can be used before the sports activity to fasten the warming up. They are also perfect for the post performance to shorten recovery time muscles.