Lace Up Your Game!
Make the difference
with your skills and style!

Lace Up your best performance! 

LACEXPro improve your performance 

and make you stand out from the crowd

PERFORMANCE LASTING KNOT. Forget to bend over and tie your laces again! LACEXPro allow you to keep your laces tied throughout the entire performance. Extreme tight or a bit loose? It’s your choice!

GRIP. Choose laces that won’t slip! Master the control of the ball while playing sports and take benefit of silicon coating, that surrounds the LACEXPro laces.

Be all in one with your footwear! The Silicon “XPro cage” gives you the chance to make micro-regulation on laces’ tightening.
This feature offers stability and compaction during sports performance. It prevents annoying slipping inside the shoes that are often causes of injuries.

WATER RESISTANT – Don’t fear the water! Forget about laces getting heavier with rain and mud. LACEXPro silicon coating is water-repellent giving you the chance to keep your boots light with any weather conditions!

10 COLORS. Show your style by choosing your LACEXPro color! Performance is everything but standing out and expressing your personality is pleasing too. The world needs to see how you feel today! Are you more Blackout or Volt Yellow?