Our Story

GEARXPro is a brand Community that was born in Italy. We are sport products’ manufacturers. Our first goal is answering to amateurs’ and professionals’ needs.

GEARXPro’s concept was developed around SOXPro Grip Socks: the first brand of the community. This product has been designed by Cristian Di Leo, ex professional football player. Passionate about design and technology, he was, first of all, a true athlete who has built his life around sport.

Cristian and GEARXPro’s team strongly believe that each athlete and person who devotes his life and time to sports, regardless of their level, should have the chance to feel like a professional. Passion, motivation and desire to improve the performance are goals that go beyond trophies.

This is GEARXPro’s vision. Creating new products to help players achieveing their dreams and feed their passion. We offer high level and unique Gear for Pros and for those who crave for the best performance.